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Infiniti G35 Sedan

Originally released in 2002 as a 2003 model the Infiniti G35 Sedan was officially retired following the 2008 season with the release of the Infiniti G37. The 2003-2006 model years featured the VQ35DE, a mainstay with Nissan and Infiniti, with horsepower ranging from 260hp when first released and ending with 298hp via a "rev-up" edition of the same motor. In 2007 a fresh body design was released featuring a further engineered 3.5L V6, the 306hp VQ35HR.

G35club Comparison

G35 vs 330i

Infiniti Vs. BMW

Comparing the 2006 BMW 330i to the 2007 Infiniti G35x

2009 Infiniti Lineup

2009 Intiniti

The next-Generation Lineup

In 2008, Infiniti went BMW hunting with the new 2008 G37 coupe. In a highly argued comparison, Motor Trend magazine ranked the G37 coupe over the 2007 BMW 335i and concluded.....

Sedan Information

2008 Sedan Overview

2008 Sedan At-a-Glance

2007 Sedan Overview

2007 Sedan At-a-Glance

2006 Sedan Overview

2006 Sedan At-a-Glance

2005 Sedan Overview

2005 Sedan At-a-Glance

2004 Sedan Overview

2004 Sedan At-a-Glance

2003 Sedan Overview

2003 Sedan At-a-Glance


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Wallpapers and Manual Downloads

2007 G35x vs. BMW 330i
New Infiniti G35x takes on the BMW 330i

2009 Infiniti G-Series Lineup
2009 Infiniti G Lineup Overview



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