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G35 Club provides Infiniti G35 Coupe and Sedan owners with accurate technical information, active discussion forums, discounts on G35 performance parts, modification and accessories, a friendly and supportive community, G35 for sale ads, enthusiast events and the latest news from Infiniti.

Vortech Installation

G35 vortech supercharger

Supercharged G35 Coupe

Installation procedures and overview: Installation of a Vortech SuperCharger on a 2004 Infiniti G35 Coupe

GT Spec Overview

G35 GTspec chassis bracing

GTspec Chassis Bracing

Stiffening The Suspension of a G35 Sport Coupe: Overview and installation directions.

G35 vs 330i Comparison

G35 vs 330i

Infiniti Vs. BMW

Comparing the 2006 BMW 330i to the 2007 Infiniti G35x

2008 G35 Coupe

The next generation G35 coupe

2008 Infiniti G-Coupe Pictures Released

Without much fanfare, pictures of the new 2008 Infiniti G Coupe were "accidently" released. There was a lot of speculation about this refresh ever since the release of the 2007 Infiniti Concept.

G35 Content

2008 G35 Coupe Revealed

2008 G35 Sketch

2007 Infiniti G35 Concept

G35x vs. 330i

G35 Coupe Gallery

G35 Sedan Gallery

G35 Coupe Tech


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